Thread: Intercept mouse event and change to different event

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    Intercept mouse event and change to different event

    Hello All,

    Using C#, I would like to write a program that will run in the background (possibly minimizing to the taskbar or even run as a service), that would allow me to me intercept a mouse click, and change it from a left click to a right click if a certain key combination is pressed down, say ctrl + alt.

    Could someone give me some info on how to get started, which packages to use, examples.. etc?

    I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I tired using the search to find this info, but since I am not familiar with this domain, my search returned so many results with nothing specific to what I'm looking for, so, if someone knows there are threads discussing this topic already, it would be great if they could post a few links in here.


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    Seems to me that you could trap the mouse, determine which modifier keys were pressed, and then generate the mouse event of your choosing.

    BTW, I found all of this information on Google very easily by googling for "c# catch mouse", "c# determine shift modifier", and "c# generate mouse event", respectively.

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