Thread: Damn ATI!

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    Yes. I understood that. Just couldn't help adding my 2c. Need to let go of some steam.

    Funny thing too... it explains the BSODs the op experienced.
    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
    Reimplementing a large system in another language to get a 25% performance boost is nonsense. It would be cheaper to just get a computer which is 25% faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    14. NX technologies at the Hardware Level
    From what I have read XP service pack 2 uses AMD's no execute and Intels DX technology to stop buffer overflow content being executable. So its not exactly new to Vista.

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    I didn't even know what that was.

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    Hey guys, just an update : It seems that Sparkle no longer offers fanless 8800 cards, so I bought an ASUS GForce 8600 GTS 256MB DDR3. Running Vista x64 without any problems now.

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