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I am not sure whether I am wrong or the Windows Internals Book 4th version is wrong.

Here is what the book says in Chapter 7, Memory Management from Page 444 to Page 445

Thus, the Process: Page File Bytes performance counter is actually the total process private committed memory, of which none, some or all may be in the paging file (In fact, it's the same as the Process: Private Bytes performance counter).

This is what help from perfmon said about Page File Bytes Counter

Page File Bytes is the current amount of virtual memory, in bytes, that this process has reserved for use in the paging file(s). Paging files are used to store pages of memory used by the process that are not contained in other files. Paging files are shared by all processes, and the lack of space in paging files can prevent other processes from allocating memory. If there is no paging file, this counter reflects the current amount of virtual memory that the process has reserved for use in physical memory.

Private Bytes is the current size, in bytes, of memory that this process has allocated that cannot be shared with other processes.

Absolutely Page File Bytes and Private Bytes are different. Any comments?

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