Thread: Program will not uninstall

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    Program will not uninstall

    I have a bit of a mystery here. A stubben program that will not go away. Let me elaberate a bit.

    I have been using AT&T Yahoo as my service provider for a long time now. They offer a free online protection package as part of their sofeware bundle, which includes an AV program by Computer Associates. It's a pretty good package but it does lack in certain areas, so I recently purchased a new copy of Norton. My problem now is in uninstalling the online protection suite.. For some reason it will not go away. I have completely uninstalled the entire software package from Yahoo, and it still loads when I reboot and attempts to do an update. I have tried everything I can think of, including running a regisrty cleaner, but nothing seems to work. Even the customer service people haven't been much help (are they ever?)

    Now the funny thing is that it uninstalled from my laptop without any problems at all, so this leads me to believe that it is a problem specific to my computer.

    Any ideas?
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    Did you try simply deleting the folder it is located in? Or did you use remove/add programs?
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    This is an issue with many applications. It used to be they woudl install themselves in autoexec.bat, then it was in the win.ini or system.ini files, then in teh startup folder, now it seems there is some new place they install to that lets them remain permanenly installed. Even cleaning out the registry wont get them to go away. Personally I never install anything that isnt made by a reputable company, AT&T and Yahoo do not fit that bill. They are both about as sleezy as they come.

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    Well if you don't like apps you can't get rid of I'd think twice before installing Norton. From what I have heard it like to hide itself all over your hard disk; not easy to remove.

    One sure way to get rid of it would be to flatten your hard drive.

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