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    Question Simulating Internet Conditions On My PC


    I've written a client and a server application that uses Winsock to communicate. While testing them, I had the client on my computer connecting to the server which was also running on my computer (effectively a loopback). Both applications worked fine with normal testing.

    Then I passed my client onto a friend, who would test it by connecting to my server over the Internet (we have different ISPs). However, during testing I found that the server froze every time.

    Now I know my TCP stream-handling code isn't that good, but I'd like to be able to test it without wasting my friend's time. Is there some kind of proxy server I can run which I can feed packets into as normal and will then gradually transfer the lot to the other application's socket, fragmenting packets and reducing throughput to simulate the high seas of the Internet, all on my PC?

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    I don't know if there are any existing programs or hacks that simulate TCP packet fragmentation. But you could probably do it yourself by creating a "middleman" program to sit between your server and client, mixing up the packets it receives and sending them on after a slight delay.

    Alternatively, you could host your server online and test the client yourself, getting real internet conditions, and without wasting anyone's time. (But you might waste your bandwidth; might want to make sure you have unlimited amounts.)

    You could also try posting your code on this board -- I'm sure someone would spot something that could use improvement.

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    When you opening socket - you can specify the buffer size
    try to specify the reciving buffer size on server smaller than the avarage packet size you sent
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