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    Downloading utube vids

    Hi i logged into utube at an internet cafe and saw that i can download the vids as flv files into the harddisk -- when i place the cursur on the video (on the webpage), a dox appeared that let me to download. but when i go to the same vid at home, the box doesn't appear so i cannot download. why is this happening? is there any additional plugin i have to install to download utube vids? utube help files say that i cannot download vids. but i did it at the cafe into my flash stick..?
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    You're right that YouTube (that's what you meant, right?) doesn't support video downloads. Instead, you have to use additional tools in order to download videos from the site. RealPlayer has got that feature, which, by the way, gives you a little box above the video when you point at the video. Try downloading RealPlayer and you should be able to download videos from YouTube. Also, RealPlayer handles .flv files. Just google RealPlayer and you should find a download link.

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    There must be half a dozen such extensions for Firefox. I use VideoDownloader myself.
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    RealPlayer is bloated good-for-nothing. Certainly wouldn't recommend it just for downloading flash videos.
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    If you don't want to bother with plug-ins or extensions, you can just try
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    Quote Originally Posted by geek@02 View Post
    but i did it at the cafe into my flash stick..?
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    VLC supports flv files also, as is alot lighter than RP. High recommendation. As for grabbing the flv's, you used to be able to grab the direct flv URL from the page source, but i doubt they kept that considering IP and Copyright issues

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    Use TUBE HUNTER! It downloads videos from almost any video/audio websites!

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