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    Platform SDK is now Windows SDK

    For those of you who have upgraded to Vista and want the latest SDK for it, you will find it has been renamed.

    It is now Windows SDK instead of Platform SDK. Also for the DirectX programmers, the DirectX symbol files say they are only for XP but in the supported OS's section it specifically mentions Vista and a host of other versions of it.

    So if you upgrade and you actively program using Win32 and/or DirectX 9.0c you will need:

    • DirectX SDK (Nov. 2007)
    • Windows SDK
    • OpenAL (DirectSound, DirectSound 3D and EAX have been dropped in Vista)
    • DirectX symbol files
    • Latest updates for MSVS 2005 or VS 2008 Express
    • Latest Vista drivers for your video card
    • Latest Vista drivers for your sound card

    Upgrading always sucks. The Windows SDK does NOT include the DirectX SDK so if you download it and attempt to use DX code it will fail.
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    It's always been difficult in finding the latest platform SDK, and now they rename it to windows SDK? Nice work, Microsoft...
    Vista is screwed up in so many ways, I don't want to downgrade...
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