Thread: Does wxDevCPP have a way to get rid of unused generated functions?

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    Does wxDevCPP have a way to get rid of unused generated functions?

    Let's say I add a control to a form and when I click on an event wxDevcpp generates a function header and shell in the h/cpp files. If I delete the control and no longer need the event handler, do I have to manually delete both or is there a way to delete any reference to the function and it's declaration?

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    I don't know about wxDevCPP, but Visual studio (at least until version 7) has had this "feature" that you have to remove the functions yourself. My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that the IDE don't know if you are re-using these functions for some other purpose, and thus takes the "safe" approach of never removing any code.

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    in visual studio at least with C#, if you click on the event handler next to the event in the toolbox and press delete, it gets rid of it in the code generation file, and if it's empty in the definition, it gets rid of it. But if it has code inside the block it keeps it.

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