Thread: Windows XP Upgrade Question

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    Windows XP Upgrade Question

    i have wanted to upgrade my PC to Vista, but i have recently noticed that my Windows XP is not a genuine copy. will the upgrade still work which will then make it an origonal Vista or will it not upgrade because the XP is not genuine?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It will probably work since you have a legitimate copy of Vista. Microsoft is trying to make everyone with non-genuine copies of XP (whether it's a false alarm or not) to actually purchase a new license.
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    This question is so dangerously close to crossing the line regarding discussion of cracking(see 6.) that I wouldn't be at all surprised nor concerned if another mod came along and deleted it.

    However, since Christmas approaches, I'm going to believe that this 'discovery' is genuine on your behalf and suggest you contact Microsoft because obviously you'll need to make amends with them for using their software unlicensed; I think they might offer you a licence for xp at a reduced cost but don't quote me on that.

    With a licensed copy of winxp you should have no problem upgrading with a licensed copy of vista but why on earth you'd want to do that while vista is still essentially rubbish I have no idea.
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    > but i have recently noticed that my Windows XP is not a genuine copy.
    If you paid real money for this in the belief it was genuine, then perhaps the Microsoft lawyers and the people who sold it to you can get together for a nice xmas.
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