Thread: Making a mac application ?

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    Smile Making a mac application ?

    Hi ,
    I have here my online compilers for Windows Linux Java and Flash :
    But now i want also added mac compiling on the Linux server (simple way) ...any one a good/simple tip ? Thx,

    I also saw this link here:
    And i was again fascinated (for years) to make for example a applet with keeping rendering polygons for a simple terain.

    Any one know such a simple code for a Java applet?

    So that's it .... Greetings Frederik Pot (Holland)

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    void main()! *gasp*

    Since GCC/g++ runs on Mac OS X, you might be able to specify the type of target GCC is to make. Or maybe you'd have to get Apple's GCC somehow and get it to run on your Linux server. Or maybe you'd even have to emulate a Mac processor in order to run this Apple GCC, who knows.

    [edit] From the GCC man page:
               Set architecture type, register usage, choice of mnemonics, and
               instruction scheduling parameters for machine type cpu_type.  Sup‐
               ported values for cpu_type are 401, 403, 405, 405fp, 440, 440fp,
               505, 601, 602, 603, 603e, 604, 604e, 620, 630, 740, 7400, 7450,
               750, 801, 821, 823, 860, 970, 8540, ec603e, G3, G4, G5, power,
               power2, power3, power4, power5, power5+, power6, common, powerpc,
               powerpc64, rios, rios1, rios2, rsc, and rs64.

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    Thank you ... I tried your 3d app but could not start it up so fast... Intresting for me ofcourse..
    Thx! And thank you for you time. Bye ...good vacation !

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