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    Generic USB controllers

    Hello ,

    I'm currently on holidays, being a student I don't have a lot of monies. So, I have a brandless portable DVD player that came with 2 small USB controllers (like playstation ones) and I was thinking of using them with my computer, playing games on the TV etc. I was planning on either writing a driver, or mapping the keys to keyboard keys, ie left is 'A' or something.

    What's the best way to go around getting them working? Or even start? Doesn't matter if it's Linux or Windows, either is fine. I've done a bit of research, but have come up dry. I'd post pictures of the controllers but that'd be useless as they're... well -- generic.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Viewing Devices on a Host

    UVCView is a diagnostic tool for USB video-class hardware but also serves as a general-purpose tool based on USBView in the WDK. The tool shows the tree of all USB hubs and connected devices and each device's descriptors, with additional support for video devices. From Microsoft. No source code.
    It would seem to me that all you need to do is plug the devices in, then run this tool to get some idea of what kind of a device it is.

    From that, you can determine what kind of driver would be appropriate and go from there.
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    Awesome thanks, I'll give it a whiz.

    I'm not 1337 anymore

    BTW robwhit, they're not actually PS controllers, they're like them -- for a portable DVD player.

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