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    A certain type of word processor

    This isn't exactly a programming-related question, but it will help me out with a program I am currently working on.

    I'm looking for a simple word processor, maybe like Microsoft's WordPad, that also has a table of contents which is used while editing your document. What I mean is something similar to the table of contents in a .hlp file, but its built into the word processor. This would allow for quick and easy viewing of each of the pages in your document, without just scrolling through the entire thing.

    I tried a program called HelpScribble which creates help files, and its close to what i wanted, but I'd like the table of contents aspect built into the editor. In this program it could only be accessed after compiling the help file.


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    Maybe something like print preview? On some systems at least, Wordpad can display two pages at once in the preview . . . .

    You could also save your file as a PDF, and view it with a PDF viewer (they usually have this feature). That wouldn't be much better than HelpScribble, though.

    Is there any particular reason you want this feature?

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