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    Windows XP MCE

    Can I run Windows XP Media Center on a normal PC? Can I run all the programs that Windows XP Professional supports?

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    I believe the answer to both questions are Yes - in the case of the second, the answer has to be compounded by "any other requirement of the application", such as if it needs SSE2 and your processor doesn't support SSE2 it won't run [no matter which version of XP you have].

    As far as I understand Microsofts XP design, all core components are the same whichever version you have, but some of the other components vary depending on which build you get. This means that ALL versions of XP have the same core, and all the "common" functionality comes from exactly identical binaries. Some portions will be different - there is no way to set up XP Home Edition to work on a corporate network where domains are needed, for example. But the base functionality is identical, I'm 99.9% sure.

    In this link:
    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 lets you do everything other Windows XP PCs do—and a whole lot more.
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