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    Question Help with spreadsheet and database

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice please.

    A while back I had put together for myself some basic work log - where I can store information on what I do at my working place, and eventually be able to derive statistics from the data.
    The thing is a basic Excel spreadsheet, and while it was sufficient up until recently, now I want it to be a bit more capable.

    I was hoping I can list the things Im looking for, then someone suggest me on the kind of spreadsheet / database I should look into. Now I am not going to reinvent the wheel just yet, if something is already offered (Access?).

    Things Im looking for:
    • Statistics - Be able to filter my statistics based on one, or (quite often) more than one field - such as Date+Result+Place (count entries from last sunday till yesterday && result greater than 3 && took place at 64th street).
    • Each one of my offices keeps its own log and numbering in its own database, so main statistics should include data from all the offices (they are connected).
    • GUI - Be able to create some basic GUI for adding, listing and searching entries.
    • Speed - Not as important as the rest, but I should prefer it to take only seconds to perform searches, filtering and statistics.

    Again, if anyone is experienced with such things, Id appreciate some advice, thanks!

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    Alright... Access is completely capable of all of those things. Now the question is, do you have Access at your company and if not, are they willing to pony up the money in getting all your employees Office Professional licenses. Everything you're looking for can be done in access very simply and depending on how large your database will be (though, I imagine it's not that large if it's just migrating from Excel) you can build a database with one or two guys. Just make sure they know VB and SQL and you're set.

    On an aside, there is no reason you can't do all of what you're looking for in an Excel spreadsheet with a little planning and ingenuity.
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    Thanks, I look into it.

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