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    Image mosaics

    I've got a number of digital photos that I would like to scale/rotate to combine to produce a single overall image.

    Now I could spend the weekend with GIMP, but I'd be interested in any suggestions / recommendations for alternative approaches.

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    I know of a couple of friends who had a project 2 years ago to achieve a similar effect.

    They used flickr and all the development tools that they provide. In the end they had a program where they could browse for any image, then they used the flickr interface to reproduce a mosaic of this image with images found on flickr...

    So maybe you should look around at flickr , they might already have what you are looking for.

    I'll contact these people , if they still have the program i can always attach it here (it was writting in .NET though).

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    I will be better if yo use gimp because you can have a mosaic with pictures arrange in the order you want, they could overlap the way you want and they have the size or shape you want. you will be in total control of everything.

    But you may try this free/postcard software:

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