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    Lightbulb Unknown Knowledges..

    Hello ,
    I know this is not just the right forum to write it , but I see some people who are much more better than me at C in this forum , talks about different terms which I have never heard of while studying c with books. Some are about the working of the computer I think.How can I find some sources for these knowledges? I know the message sounds a little lame. But that's because I could not tell what I want right. I hope at least I made an adequate question.

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    If there are any particular terms you wonder about, maybe you can post those in this thread (which I would expect a moderator will move to "General Discussion", but I'm not a moderator, so I'll leave that to the moderator team to decide).

    Edit: move it to the "Tech Board" was another moderator option, obviously!

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    thanks a lot..

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