Thread: Vista Business vs XP Pro

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    Vista Business vs XP Pro

    I'm deciding between which OS to install on a new thinkpad laptop. Already have the laptop (with vista basic) and LEGAL versions of the respective OS's. I'll be running basic math/engineering programs like Matlab, SolidWorks, Maple, etc. Any suggestions?

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    There's no reason to go back to XP unless you experience problems or something, try vista for a while - if it doesn't work out, go back to XP.

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    I would go with XP pro, much faster. Uses less RAM also, which is needed for your math programs.

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    XP Pro. Uses more resources for the stuff needed to be done.

    Vista thinks that the whole memory and CPU is present for his "great" 3D graphics. Also it is not compatible with many programs, because most people, including programmers, still stick to XP.

    Of course, we can't stay on XP forever, but at least I do it as long as possible... or when Microsoft decides that performance is the way to go again.
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    XP Pro... because I said so!
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