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    Embedded system board

    Hi, Have anyone noticed this or just me may be since i am a beginner for embedded systems. When i copy the exe file from my local machine which is compiled and linked and ready to run on the target machine. I copied the exe file and it worked fine. Forgot to mentioned it has an embedded linux (Kernel 2.6).

    But when i restart the board, the folder which i created and the exe file is no more there. How will i make this thing to stay for ever.

    I went through the manual which came along with the board. No information about it. Is it all board are this way?

    Thank you


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    First of all, where does the Linux kernel come from in your system - is it perchance stored in a Flash-ROM? If so, it is possibly downloaded through some special means in a compressed form and then loaded into a RAM file-system, which is what you are updating. There's probably a method for "replacing" your Linux system in the flash, but it requires more than just copying the file across.

    There is a second option, assuming you have a network connection on your board: set up an NFS connection to some other machine, and just use that for your executable file(s).


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