Thread: Auto Update under a limited user account?

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    Auto Update under a limited user account?

    Hello, I have been told my current auto update system may present a problem with Vista and their encouraged use of limited user accounts. Although data updates are directed to the users Application Data folder, updates of the executable are saved in Program Files which I am told is a problem. Can anyone tell me to what extent this poses a problem on Vista? Do most people just allow programs they remember installing access to do what they are requesting?

    Does anyone have any workarounds to this problem? Would it be possible to store the executable itself in the application data folder so it could be rewritten if a new version was available? Does anyone see anything wrong with that? I am a little hesitant to do that because it seems very non standard but we really don't know what to do. Thank you for reading!

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    Agreed, moved to Tech.

    I am guessing that the auto update has to be done with an administrative account.
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