Thread: Wchich Screen/Keyboard/Mouse switch is good?

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    Wchich Screen/Keyboard/Mouse switch is good?


    I need to get a second PC for development and need a switch to avoid having another set of screens and input devices. The switch should be able to handle 2 screens, an usb mouse and an usb keyboard. Can you recomment a product? Are there big differences in quality?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have had a number of 4-way Belkin switches - none of them with a USB switch, but I beleive that is a minor difference. Other switches I've used have had problems with the recognition of the "hotkey-for-switching" or used complicated hotkeys - neither of which is helpfull. On Belkin ones, you hit Scroll-lock twice in short succession and then the number of the screen you want (1 or 2 in a 2-way switch, 1-4 in a 4-way switch). You may also want to consider buying a 4-way switch - they work fine with 2 inputs, and last time I bought a switch, there was VERY little price-difference between a 2-way and a 4-way (like 10 bucks or so). If you ever need another machine to switch between, you don't have to buy a complete new switch, you just plug it in.


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    thanks for your opinion. I've read some tests now and there seems to be problems with the cheaper switches. display quality can suffer and special keyboard/mouse functions seems not to work with some devices. I'm sticking to rdesktop for now which works well. but it's not a final solution because my software drives a graphical 3D engine and what does not work over rdesktop

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