Thread: Cygwin bash shell scripts are not executing.

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    Cygwin bash shell scripts are not executing.

    I have a short cygwin script shown as follows
    cat > cc.awk << !
    { for(i=1;i<NF;i++){ list["$i"]=list["$i"] NR "." i } }
    END {for(i in list){ print i "=" list[i] } }
    awk -f cc.awk < Raven.txt | sort > concordance.txt
    rm cc.awk
    It's supposed to run the file Raven.txt through awk and sort the output to the file concordance.txt. But when I try to run the script through cygwin I get

    $ ./
    : No such file or directoryrdance.txt
    The file redirection commands work great in the shell itself, but once I place them in the shell commands they don't do anything.

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    Check your line endings in various places.
    The error message is overwriting a previous longer line which ends with "rdance.txt", which is the end of your filename.
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    It doesn't complain when i use the ash environment, only when I use bash. I tried to check the line endings but they don't work either.

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    Also, filling the loop doesn't seem to work correctly under cygwin. If I write
    { for(i=1;i<NF;i++){ list[$i]=list[$i] NR "." i } }
    I get errors at the $i, but in the tutorials they don't have the quotes around the $is. Not to mention the subscripts don't print when I try to do a for through the indices.

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