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    Question Borland C++ Code Navigation

    I am a proficient DELPHI coder and have used Borland Delphi for years.

    Recently I have switched over to Borland C++ Builder and I have the following problem.

    1. Question 1
    In the Delphi IDE one would use ( Ctrl+Shift+DOWN ) to navigate between the implementation and declaration of procedures and functions.
    ?? What is the keys and strategies for navigating within the Borland C++ Builder IDE between these two ( Please don't tell me to use the MOUSE of Ctrl+F )

    2. Question 2
    In Delphi - after typing the the declaration of a NEW procedure hitting Ctrl+C will automatically create the Implementations with the begin en end etc. In the case of C++ if will be
    Is there a similar automated way to create the Implementation bodies of functions and procedures after you only provided/typed the Declaration.

    Any other key strokes to minimize mouse use and promt automate code generation of the locations of articles of web sited helping in this regard will be appreciated. I have searched for two days now and could not find any worth mentioning.

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    "How to use the tools" thread moved to the tech board.
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