Thread: Linux Version that supports SMP

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    Linux Version that supports SMP

    Im looking at getting into Linux for a project at work. I was wondering if anyone knows an open source Linux dist. such as FreeBSD that supports high cpu count SMP. The system we intend to run it on will have 16 physical processors and 32 logical processors (4x quad core w/HT); FreeBSD states that it supports SMP, but it doesnt say how many processors and ive noticed that other kernels usually cap the number of processors at some point.

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    Slackware 12.0 defaults to 32 processors, I believe.

    Slackware is an almost "pure" distro when it comes to source code, so rebuilding the kernel for more than 32 processors would be trivial.
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    Or Gentoo. Since you have to build your own kernel anyway, you can just configure it to support ... let me check ... up to 256 cores. Should be quite enough for most systems.
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    Thanks guys. Im downloading the slackware dvd-iso as we speak. Im looking forward to using linux on these new clusters, just hope the growing pains arent too bad. For what MS wants for a 32 cpu version of XP server, we can double the number of nodes in the cluster. I love the windows api, but if they dont get their feces amalgamated soon, more people will be switching.

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