Thread: My monitor doesn't work with Ubuntu Linux.

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    My monitor doesn't work with Ubuntu Linux.

    Basically a while back I installed Ubunti and I have a Samsung SyncMaster 941bw Widescreen monitor. With my windows system I installed a driver from the disk that came with it so it wouldn't keep complaining about the monitor resolution. Now it runs just fine no problem at 1440x900. Ubuntu on the other hand isn't that so easy to work with. First off I had to install it via the text based installer because my monitor blinks out with the gui build. After installing it I couldn't rerally have the X-window system boot up because again my screen would black out. I went through the unix shell mode and navigated to the xconf file and changed that to what some websites suggested but it still didn't work. The same thing with kubuntu (which I prefer). I had to hook up an old beast of a monitor to it because it just wouldn't work with my monitor.

    Also I tried downloading ATI drivers for my computer and that wouldn't work, apperantly they don't have radeon x1950 pro drivers working.

    Reach out and touch my hardware my ***

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    If switching monitors worked... Then it's possible your screen is sending bogus EDID information to the video card and the driver is trying to use it. You might try switching off EDID in your X configuration (how you do it depends on the driver, I don't know how to do it with an ATI). That way it will use its built-in modelines instead of the crap the screen is sending it.

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