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    problem after partial uninstallation

    Hi to all.

    i've got a bit of problem here- i mistakenly started adobe photoshops' uninstallation program, and when i noticed my mistake, i imediately cancelled the uninstallation. But the software was partially uninstalled, so i deleted the photoshop dir from the disk and tried to reinstall it from the cd. But the Setup program won't start. i can see it's process instance in the Task manager when i execute it, but it's gui doesn't show. anybody have a solution please?

    Thanx a lot.

    edit: actually, it seems like i cannot install any adobe software now. i tried pagemaker and it failed.

    edit: anyhow it's ok now. i just installed a 2nd copy of WinXP and installed pshop and pm from their. now i can run pshop and pm within the 1st installation, but still cannot execute any adobe setup progs?
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