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    Actually a 8600GT is about $10AUD more than a 7600GT, slightly faster clock speed and DX10.
    And you shouldn't need to over clock your CPU as soon as you buy it :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by firyace
    If you are not using vista, then why bother with a geforce 8 series?
    NVidia has made extensions allowing OpenGL to use GeForce 8 features. And they aren't limited to Vista either. Personally I've gotten to where I do more OpenGL fiddling than actual gaming so I'm considering an upgrade to a silent GeForce 8600GTS.
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    I am thinking of going with the int. Conroe E6600, but now I need some ideas on what MB I should get or whats good out there? I never been so great on the MB, but I am looking for one that can hold at less 2 (hopfully more, with more memory slots) GHz of ram, 3 PCI slots and is less then $150 USA for a gaming computer. I saw one but I didnt know if it be any good for what I am trying to go for, maybe take a look?


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