Thread: How to minimize physical and virtual memory consum

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    How to minimize physical and virtual memory consum

    Hello All,

    I have a Window service developed using Visual Studio .Net 2003. I am using VC++ .Net for the service development. The physical and virtual memory consumption is very high. How should i minimize this memory consumption. Please give me some clue to achieve this.


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    Firstly, what does the service do, and how does it do it?

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    Just to get you started:

    Yes executable does make a difference, especially when your program is imaged into RAM.

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    Or perhaps it starts small and then slowly increases over time?
    The answer in this case is obvious, fix your code to stop it leaking memory.
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    Have u got some sort of recursion programming paradigm used in yoour code. You stack is building up. Check out.


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