Thread: how to go about this dilema !!!

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    Question how to go about this dilema !!!

    I have been working on C programming for quiet sometime and now on personal interests ( to try out at home after office ) want to focus on graphics / game programming.
    Say, I would like to start with some simple board games like tic tac toe or the suduko.

    Now, my question is :

    1. In the market I find a number of books like "windows programming ", VC++ programming or the complete reference - VC++ etc.

    I am not sure which is the right book for me ???

    2. Would you suggest me some tutorials / books which can be a starting point
    3. and also the sources where I can get the necessary compilers and libraries installed.

    I want to continue in the C / C++ programming flavour. I would look forward for your suggestions / guidence with great hope

    Thanks in advance.
    I am also available at <<snipped>>
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    thanks for the links but ....

    what do I have to start reading with as a beginner

    windows programming or
    with VC++ or
    with OpenGL ...????

    or do all these mean the same
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    windows programming and OpenGL are not the choices for the beginner.

    Choose some book that describes the C++ language itself, learn it... And only then...
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