Thread: Visual C++ 6.0 : linking / compiling problems

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    Visual C++ 6.0 : linking / compiling problems

    it seems almost everytime i make a change to my code then re-compile, the compiler gets stuck compiling, and im unable to press stop build. the only way i can get out, is to save, then ctrl+alt+del, to close the program.

    once i get back in, ill try to press build rather than compile, and then it gets stuck linking........

    does anyone know why this is?

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    I would guess you possibly have a bad install. Otherwise, you might be on a really bad computer.

    Also, I know people would probably recommend you get a new compiler, such as MinGW's g++, or something similar.

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    It's probably screwed up one of it's data files along the way and is generally making a mess of dealing with it.

    Quit VC6, if it's running.

    Create a backup of your current project, say add top-level dir to a ZIP file.

    Delete the "Debug" and "Release" directories.
    Delete "proj.ncb" and "proj.opt".

    Restart VC6 and do "Batch build", select all the boxes and then click "rebuild all".
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