Thread: Alll my opengl programs crash upon startup.

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    Alll my opengl programs crash upon startup.

    Every time I try to run an opengl program the application crashes. If I'm compiling it myself it usually crashes before it executes the first instruction in main. When I try to debug I get a segmentation fault error. When I do a backtrace I get a value/function called "_end__()" at some memory address. I really need to fix this problem, can anyone help. I really have no Idea why it's doing this so it's hard for me to narrow down the possibilities. I have the latest graphics card drivers and just don't know where to look.

    When I do get the "send error report" message I get a message saying that the Mod is "ntdll.dll" on pretty much all of them. If I can't find a solution I'm just going to have to reformat.

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    Did you try compiling that pprogram in a different machine. If works on the other machine. which has a better graphics card. May be you could conclude its your graphics cards which is gicing you the problem.


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    Well the programs were working on my computer for the longest and I have a radeon x1950 Pro (the best ATI AGP available) at home. We're not even talking about anything beyond OpenGL1.1, it won't start up the program that includes opengl. Quite the opposite, the crappy computer at work that doesn't support anything beyond 1.1 works. This just suddendly started happening on the computer.

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