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    Quote Originally Posted by cerin View Post
    When I said 'parallel compiler' I meant a compiler that automatically turns all applications you compile into parallel ones not a compiler that itself is actually parallel. ?
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    Thanks for the link. That is expensive....

    Quote Originally Posted by Cactus_Hugger View Post
    Between random links and great guides, it was meant partially as a joke. (That, and I was posting at 12:30 AM, something I apperently shouldn't do. )
    First, the context:
    After which, you'd expect a link to some sort of multithreading library. (At least, I would.) Rather, we got Beej's Guide to Network Programming. Nothing to do with parallelism ("...a discussion about multithreading is beyond the scope of this document..."). Granted, parallelism can be used in conjunction with sockets as a means to an ends when dealing with multiple connections, but the two are separate things.

    I would've expected a link along the lines of Boost Threads, POSIX Threads for Win32, etc.

    Sorry don't want to bash your sense of humor or anything but I didn't think it was clever enough to be a joke...
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    Thanks for the link. That is expensive....
    You can download free version for personal use on linux...

    And note that you still need some customization with pragrams to tell the compiler what part of the code to parallize... And of course - you should be smart enough here to gain instead of loss (due to locking mechanism)
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