Thread: "NTLDR is missing" On My CompactFlash

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    "NTLDR is missing" On My CompactFlash


    I'm having a go at getting Windows XP Embedded working on an old laptop for a laugh. Instead of a hard drive I'm using a CompactFlash card and an IDE adapter.

    The card's capacity is 2GB (base 10) and I've split it into two partitions:-

    Partition 1: FAT32 ~1GB (This is where XP was copied) (Active)
    Partition 2: FAT32 (The rest) (Empty)

    As you can't install XP Embedded in the conventional way I copied the image files onto the first partition and used the bootprep program to install the NTLDR-running doodah in the MBR. Rebooted.

    Now, I know the MBR is working properly because it comes up "NTLDR is missing".
    The only problem is that it seems to not be able to find the NTLDR that is sat in the root of the first partition.

    If I use an XP-formatted floppy disk wth NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM and the same BOOT.INI it boots, strangely enough.

    Any ideas for fixing that don't involve booting an XP CD? (Unless you wanna buy me a PCMCIA drive)

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    same here

    hi there
    any progress?

    i'm working on the same issue
    WinXp embedded, mini PC
    having same problem: "NTLDR missing"

    3 partitions:
    1. 0.7GB, primary, set active
    2. 2GB logical, on 1st ext
    3. 6GB logical, on 1st ext
    all fat32

    copied all the file from developping systems image folder to the 1 partition.

    ran bootprep /dD (boot from usb stick, which got letter c:, hdd got letter d
    have you tried boot prep? it should solve this exact problem but doesn't :-(

    could fixmbr, fixboot, copy ntdetect, copy ntldr help?
    haven't got a cd drive on that notebook IDE channel, would need adapter first.

    so let's solve it!


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