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    Unhappy kernel upgradation

    I tried to update my SUSE-10.0 which came with kernel version number 2.6.13-15-default to the latest 2.6.21. I have copied the new bzImage and the to the /boot directory. Now, I have to edit the "lilo.config" file. But the file doesnt exist in the /etc on my comp. When i tried to search for it, I got his outpout:

    whereis lilo
    lilo: /sbin/lilo /usr/share/man/man8/lilo.8
    Ironically, there are many references to "/etc/lilo.config" in the file lilo.8.
    I am a little concerned here, what should i do modify the boot loader. I hope someone replies soon. What can happen if i am forced to switch off my comp at this stage?
    Please help...
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    whereis doesn't do what you think it does.
    whereis finds binaries, sources and manpages
    You want locate, slocate or find.
    Consult some SUSE people on freenode.
    You'll probably have to change more (/etc/fstab) than just your bootloader, as linux >=2.6.19 uses libata, unless you use the old drivers.
    The worst that can happen is that it won't boot and you'll have to fix it with a livecd.

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    Are you sure you are booting with lilo? You may be using grub (and probably are) -- in which case, you don't have to do anything as grub can see the filesystem and knows that /boot/vmlinuz has changed.

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    Yeah, it is through grub. I modified the grub.config file. I wanted to retain the older kernel as well
    In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

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