Thread: Program crashes and memory leaks

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    Program crashes and memory leaks

    This is just out of curiousity about program crashes (any crash such as the "the application has encountered a problem and needs to close" message where you send an error report to Microsoft, or the "unhandled exception" thing) and memory leaks and various scenarios. What about when an infinite loop is encountered prior to reaching these 3 cases?

    1. Let's say that, somewhere in my code, I have an fopen instruction and while supposedly reading the file that is successfully opened, the program crashes before it gets to the fclose. Will the result due to the crash be the same as if fclose was never used in the program?

    2. Let's say you have a pointer pointing to 32 MB's worth of data (or something) and the program crashes before the "free" instruction is run across. Will there be a memory leak as if free was never called due to the program crashing?

    3. What about other things like this such as using UnregisterClass in Windows programs (of which frees the memory)?
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    On closing process (due to regular exit or crash) Windows SHOULD release all resources equired by the process - it means - close all opened handles, files, free memory etc...

    In a real life - some resources are still marked as used so you have problems restarting the application till you restart windows... For example I had problems using COM-ports after application crash (so the ports were not closed properly by the application)...

    Some files are marked as opened and cannot be deleted after crash till restart... It is very hard to check that really no memory leaks are there after crash, but in my expirience if they exist - they are not as big as 32MB - I cannot see the difference (between memory usage before application start and after it has been crashed) using TaskManager...
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