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    Batch file

    Hey, I'm attempting to make a basic batch file that will start multiple programs at once when I click on it. Here's my current programming

    @echo off
    start "address for mozilla"
    start "address for aim"
    start "address for mail program"

    Such like that, now it works quite fine except that it will not start the programs outside of windows commands prompt. Which of course is not what I want. How can I get them to actually start as if I had double-clicked on the shortcut?

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    You can use WSH,
    write small VBS or JS file that will do the same... This file will work also when clicked in explorer...

    You can start reading from this link

    or this for more simple version
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    uhg that confuses me, maybe I'm not quite at the level yet to use this board.

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    start "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
    For example.
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    Start does work as clicking on an icon. It performs ShellExecute as clicking on an icon does.

    Good point, Salem.
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