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    make file

    I am trying to make a makefile(makeSupersonic) for the following compilation:

    > g++ -o supersonic_ob supersonic_ob.C flow_field.C function_declarations.C Boundary.C Time_Step.C -lm

    GCOMPILE = g++-4.0
    CODE     = supersonic_ob1
    OBJECTS = $(CODE).o  flow_field.o  Boundary.o   Time_step.o   function_declarations.o 
    $(CODE): $(OBJECTS)
    $*.o:   $*.C 
    It gives the following error messages when I type

    ./makeSupersonic: line 1: GCOMPILE: command not found
    ./makeSupersonic: line 2: FOPTIONS: command not found
    ./makeSupersonic: line 3: CODE: command not found

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    Moved: build tool question.
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    It sort of looks like you're trying to execute the makefile itself... (should it have executable permission + it lacks a shebang? Not a *nix expert here...)
    Just run make. ie:
    make -f makeSupersonic
    Also, "GCOMPILE" seems... outlandish. I believe most people use CPP there, and it might already (depending on your make and system) be already set to g++.
    You should also have tabs before the commands (but not the rules) but this may have been lost to the board's formating. IIRC, it's:
    %.o : %.c
    (without $s, and using %s.) (And COMPILE is undefined...)
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    Attach the file. It is likely an indentation issue.
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