Thread: Windows startup - must click user before continuing

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    Windows startup - must click user before continuing

    This hasn't happened to me before and it was only until I installed the new printer's drivers that it started. I turn on my computer right after eating and when I get back after washing my hands and getting a drink, Windows has always been fully loaded with Winamp and the Windows Task Manager running and the usual Windows interface. Lately, it stops on the welcome screen with the users listed on the far right. Before, the welcome screen had the usual highlight on the blue background in the top right and just the word "welcome" with nothing else and it continued loading Windows afterwards. Now, it's also including the list of users, which is myself only (since no one else even uses my computer), and its asking me to select the user and since I'm the only one listed, why isn't it continuing any further? It only started happening when I installed the new printer's drivers. I find it annoying. I used msconfig to turn off the printer stuff and its still happening. What for and how can I fix it?

    I've been told it's something related to the .NET Framework 1.1 and this creates a hidden user account and it's this that's causing it. I can see it on my list of users on the control panel and theres "ASP.NET". Is it possible to get rid of this user that doesn't even show up on my welcome screen? If so, how? I snagged a screenshot to help explain. Normally, the two on the left side are listed. Once I installed the new printer's drivers and software, I the extra one highlighted here.

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    Start->Settings->Control Panel->User Accounts

    You should find everything you need there.
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    I think it would be smarter to for security's sake to leave it as is and also add a password. No one else uses your computer? It doesn't matter because unexpected/unauthorized use is what the login screen is there to guard against. Anyone trying to access your computer remotely would have no login to go past in certain situations.
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