Thread: Got Eclipse and CDT compiler. Where's the CDT instructions?

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    Unhappy Got Eclipse and CDT compiler. Where's the CDT instructions?

    I've downloaded and installed the Eclipse in my Linux, and it looks nice. I've also downloaded the CDT C compiler, and after looking over the Eclipse SDK help page I think I installed CDT. I believe I created a project using the CDT tar.gz file. Now the CDT files are in the package view to the left, but when I try to run CDT as and application it says that it can't find JRE "null". Where's the CDT instruction manual telling me how to install it?! All the examples I found at the Eclipse SDK help page were Java examples. I'm learning both C programming and Linux, and this seems like rocket science. Actually I'm a mechanical engineer who likes rockets. This seems to be harder than rocket science.

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    Why are you asking a Linux question on a general C programming forum? Why aren't you at the CDT page or their forums? While we're at it, what is CDT? Nevermind, I don't care. The point is, you need to learn not just what to ask, but where to ask it.

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