Thread: What do i need to build a USB E-Brake (Gaming controller)

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    What do i need to build a USB E-Brake (Gaming controller)

    I have some questions about writing drivers, can they be written in C++? Cause that is the only language that I know as of this moment.
    And another thing is, how do i program a chip to function the way i want?

    I found some useful stuff on the net that I'm thinking of using. I just need you to tell me if they are the right things to buy, and maybe some help with the program.
    What will I need from this web site if i wanted to make my controller USB?
    And also what chips would i need to program the controller?

    I had two ideas of how the computer would see the use of the handbrake: a rotary wheel sensor thing (dont know the orginal name for it, so im making ........ up) or just somekind of a sensor that will be adjusted by the brake line.
    (Still don't know where to get on of those)

    And im thinking of using something like this for the handbrake.

    And as far as the progamming goes...I'm lost.
    Please Help,


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