Thread: help on Compact Flashes MBR /Boot Sector

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    help on Compact Flashes MBR /Boot Sector

    Hello, I'm using CF cards as Hard Disks (TrueIDE mode) on a cutom hardware. There I can find MBR informations and partitions Boot Sectors. I followed the ufficial indications to parse MBR informations and FAT32 BootSectors, but still I have problems with some Compact Flashes: in some cases I can't find the MBR, other times I found some errors in the Boot Sector (usually the BPB_NumFats field is 0 instead of 2). The strange thing is that Windows can open those cards without problem!!

    Is there some "unofficial" undocumented information? Also, how can I see the MBR of a CF card from Windows? I'm using Hexplorer to work on LBA level of the disk, but with LBA 0 it takes up the Boot Sector...

    Any information is really welcome!!

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    Are you sure you're not reading the partition table at LBA 0.
    AFAIK, the boot block (with the number of FAT entries) is at the start of a partition, not the start of a disk.
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