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    Port Forwarding

    I am using utorrent and it says that my port is not open. I have set up a static ip following as well as forwarding the port for my linksys WRT54G router. I have set utorrent to use the port 45934. I also enabled Upnp on utorrent. The router has recognized utorrent in some fashion:
    I am running Windows XP. I do not have any firewalls on and I can't figure out wtf the problem is with this. Help me out please.
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    That sounds like you haven't deleted some default filters on the router. I'm using a different router than your's, but I suppose that will be similar; another thing is that I'm not sure about which filters are safe to quit. If that's the problem search (or wait in that board) for more and better information about safe-quit default router filters.


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