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    Eiffel Tutorial

    Does anyboy know of a straight forward more traditional tutorial for learning the basics of Eiffel? All I can find are these 'tutorials' going on about the theory behind it, and giving abstract peices of code that do nothing when run. I'm looking for a nice traditional tutorial that gives a peice of code you can run, explains then gives another peice of code with more language features (that can run and do something) and so on. I have searched google, devshed and this forum and I can't find any tutorials like that (even the wikipedia tutorial is quite abstract and gives no code meant to be run and played with).

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    Besides google hits like this one, my only suggestion is the list of books in this Eiffel FAQ:

    Note that I've never programmed in Eiffel myself, although I do have the installer for the interpreter (?).

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