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    Smile creating cron job

    I have written one cron.txt in which i have put
               1,5,10,15 * * * * /root/
    then typed
    crontab cron.txt
    to lad the cron job.
    and also contains a command to run a C program executable.
    This is not working.Please guide me to write a cronjob which will run after every 5 mins to run the script

    Thank You,

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    Check these files


    If you're not allowed, or denied, then you can't use cron.
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    Salem ,
    I have /etc/cron.d/cron.deny which is empty.this means I can execute crontab command.
    I followed following steps.
               1) I created shell script which runs a expect script for SCP.And it is running      successfully.
                2) then I created  cron.job which contains.
                              1,5,10 * * * *  /root/
                     this means I want to execute at 1,5,10 mins 
                3)  then loaded this job by executing 
                             crontab cron.job

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    Hmmm, I was unaware that one could create a separate file that would load the cron job. I have always just done crontab -e (as root, which it looks you are too) then added the line to the root user file (that'd be something along the lines of */5 * * * * /root/

    When crontab is complete, it signals crond to reload the config file that was just edited.

    Also, your script will need to be executable, and no assuptions can be made about the path that you use. You'll either need to use fully qualified filenames or set the environmental variable PATH at the top of your script.

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