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    Question Some common Linux Questions???

    Hello guys. I have some basic questions about linux. I have never even seen linux so be gentle. I will be starting to program a windows application with Dev C++. Im hoping I can make this program compatible with as many operating systems as possible but especially Linux because I've heard good things about it.

    1. I have heard that red hat enterprise supports many windows applications. Is this true, and to what extent.

    2. If I build a program that works with one comman linux operating system such as ubuntu would it work with the reast (Red hat,fedora, gentoo)

    3. Were is there good reference to programming the linux operating system.

    4. (This is a dum question but hey) Does Linux runs of ANSI C,C++ code...right

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    0) Questions about Linux itself don't really belong here.

    1) The WINE project supports many Windows applications. This is nothing particular to RedHat. For the extent, check out WINE's homepage, .

    2) The program itself will work. Installation routines might need adaption, because not all distros use exactly the same path schema.

    3) Really depends where you want to go. For libraries and console programs, the POSIX APIs are the most important. The Linux manpages usually contain a complete reference to those functions, although finding those you need can be tricky.
    GUI apps, on the other hand, are usually written a toolkit, and the three most popular toolkits (Qt, GTK and wxWidgets) all are very complete, i.e. you don't really need anything beyond them.

    4) I'm afraid the question is quite incomprehensible.
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    4) yes, linux can compile ansi c++ into valid executable binaries, if the includes are done without using MS specific calls.
    [ no MFC, no .net framework support for os use, shared libraries are .so not .dll .. a few things like this. ]

    generally ansi c or ansi c++ means no code that is os specific anyway, so it compiles on any os, if the makefile is built right for the os.

    a better place for general linux question would be the tech board, or even better,
    where the membership are focussed on helping people learn linux.
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    Thx for the help. Im very sorry for posting here. I should have posted in tech board.

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    Moved to tech board.
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