Thread: Monitor displaying half good / half bad

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    Monitor displaying half good / half bad

    I loaded up a game tonight and suddenly I had 4 bars of white/green strips on my screen. After a couple reboots I ended up with this:

    One half is fine while the other half is messed up. Checked for spyware and oddly enough had IE related spyware although I never use IE. Got rid of that, updated video and monitor display drivers. Still the same problem. It happens even in GRUB.. yet the current state is different then when it first when green/white.. then it would cover different portions of the screen. Any ideas?

    [edit:] also when i change resolutions the bars will change to different areas of the screen and make chunks.
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    Unfortunately that, my friend, looks like the beginnings of a fried video card. Check other display modes and see what happens.

    Appears to be a bad bank of memory or perhaps 2 halves of 2 banks are bad.

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    I'm not too much into computer hardware so I wasn't quite sure it when you load your computer it uses an onboard graphic thing to display the startup/GRUB or the video card. I moved the monitor to another computer and it worked fine. Guess I need a new video card then?

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    I have to concur with Bubba. My video card went not too long ago (cooling fan died and it cooked to death), and this is much like the problems I encountered. Moving the monitor to another machine with no problems following the move definitely rules out the monitor as being the problem.
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