Thread: Hooking up 2 running monitors!

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    Exclamation Hooking up 2 running monitors!

    My friend is over and he has a laptop like me, both of ours support the "Multi-screen solution" thingy. If we where to hook up both our moitors to each other, would it fry them? Or would it be like a merge? Ect...


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    What exactly is the multi-screen solution thingy?

    If you mean that the laptop can provide its screen as an external one to another computer, my guess is that it simply wouldn't allow that while it's running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CornedBee
    What exactly is the multi-screen solution thingy?
    Maybe the ability to have more than one monitor connected to a computer is what he has, not what he thinks though???

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    I think that 'thingy' is for laptop with a desktop screen attached, so you can look on the desktop screen.
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    Funny, I was just setting this back up on my laptop before I clicked this link!

    If you right click the desktop and go to properties->Settings->Advanced. Most laptops have a tab for the graphics card installed. Click Graphics Properties and you should have settings for Multiple Display. Duel Display has the single desktop on both monitors (so one screen is simply a copy of the other), while Extended Desktop makes both of the screens into destops (so I can keep Outlook on my laptop screen while I surf with IE on the other one)

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