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    Question Digital Logic


    Which of the following statements is FALSE ?
    1) In a combinational logic circuit the output is a function of only the present inputs (assuming the last change in input was at least one propagation delay earlier).

    2) In a sequential logic circuit the output is a function of both the present and past inputs.

    3) Sequential logic circuits can be used to remember information in the form of binary digits (or bits).

    4) Sequential logic circuits are a special type of combinational logic circuit.

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    1) This has nothing to do with C.
    2) We don't answer your quiz/homework questions.
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    sorry dude wrong board - :-S
    How do i retract it?

    P.S. the answer is not 1) and 2)

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    >>sorry dude wrong board - :-S
    >>How do i retract it?

    You can't, you can post asking a mod to move it to a more appropriate board such as general, or perhaps tech, but there's hardly any point now because you should be able to get an answer from the link below.

    That type of question is digital electronics for beginners, which would indicate to me that you're taking a course in electonic engineering or something similar. In that case you won't get far without being at least able to tap a few search terms into Google or Wikipedia, or even a recommended text - Digital Fundamentals by Thomas L. Floyd is fairly common. Honestly, try a little harder next time before asking for an answer.
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