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    Wink Just a question, please help!


    I've downloaded wxDev c++ a day ago only, and already finding a few bug, its just the original dev c++ with a gui form designer add on.

    I was wondering has anyone else have experience in using this IDE for large projects, and did you come across any similar problems like crashing often, and then an enormous dialog box opening up showing you the error details?

    Anyone used this software much?

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    Yes, I have had that too some times, it's very annoying when you worked quite some time on some code and then the error message pops up and shuts down Dev-C++, there all your work goes. That is why I save once in a while.
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    Should be in Technical. Nothing to do with Windows programming per se.

    Never used wxDev, personally. I think Mario F has some experience with it.
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    > I think Mario F has some experience with it.

    Only briefly. However I can account for the fact it is very unstable and not a reliable IDE, crashing often and consuming too much resources for no apparent reason.

    There has also been a long interval between the last two updates. 9 months or so. This doesn't seem good for an application that is still on its earliest stages of development.
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    I still have Dev 4.992 but use it mainly for small test programs, never do any large projects with it because of the issues mario suggrested. It is still a good IDE, but the debugger is awful, and very unrealiable. One if its best features is being able to create multiple single source files without having to keep creating a new project, the only reason I still use it. I mainly use MSVC++2003 or code::blocks for my bigger development projects, much more relaible.
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