Thread: Unrestrict cmd.exe for normal users in XP

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    Unrestrict cmd.exe for normal users in XP

    Dang, I havent posted here in a long time.

    Alright, so i've written alittle something to force shutdown of the computer via a system call after 60 minutes. This is to prevent the kids from being on past an hour. So when I run it from a normal user account, I get the following error in the command window:

    "The operation completed successfully.
    A required privledge is not held by the client."

    I've searched the local security policy for a way to make this work, and alas, found nothing.

    Any suggestions?

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    Is there anything in XP like sudo?
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    It sounds like you have found a bug in shutdown.exe. There is a workaround here.

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    or you can use runas I think
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    Why don't you use the security context of an account with the correct privileges?

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