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    MP3 Players

    I am looking for an MP3 Player for my wife for Christmas, something in the 1GB range. Although I am somewhat knowledgable with the technology, I am not sure about the differences between the different brands. Can anyone suggest a good brand to get?
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    Well the obvious answer would be an iPod. Perhaps the 1GB Nano?
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    I don't know, I've personally had a wide range of mp3 players in my lifetime, and have never found a very comparable difference between them. But for trendy, definitely you'd want to go iPod. I mean, they have U2 commercials !
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    The ipod is really nice, ive used quite a few mp3 players, and ive found the ipod to be the best in terms of simplicity of use and good looks, you may want to consider the sony ones though, but, their sound output isnt as good as the ipod, but they have a replaceable battery which the ipod lacks..
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    I have a 1 GB Creative Muvo and would recommend it over the iPod shuffle (which I'm comparing to, because you asked for 1 GB). It's about the same price, weighs 1.8 oz instead of 0.6, has no dock (just plug it in), runs on an AAA, and has FM radio. And it uses a standard stereo jack. (No minijack.) You can pull the black part out and use it as a USB flash drive. One thing it doesn't have, though, is the way the latest shuffle can clip onto clothing. Which might make the shuffle a better choice. If you already use iTunes.
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    iAudio U2-2048BL 2GB - $109.99 @ newegg
    iPod nano 2GB - $145.99 @ newegg

    Basically the same toy, with different looks. for 40 bucks less the iAudio definitely gets my vote.

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